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Paint Warfare is the fastest, wildest and most adrenaline-packed multiplayer FPS you’ll ever experience. 

With wall climbing, grenade jumping and hyper-fast movement, you can explore virtually any point in the maps.

Key Points
  • Wacky movement— incredible speed, grenade jumping and wall climbing
  • Every weapon is unique— from orange grenades to shotgun pistols, every weapon is different
  • Maps— although there are only currently 2, many more are in the works :)
  • Easy to play with friends— available on both itch and steam and friendly on beginners, the maps allow for anything from a simple duel to a massive paint brawl

Paint Warfare— Play without limits

Install instructions

You'll need to make sure that your game is always up to date, so I'd highly recommend following the project if you'd like to be notified when a new update rolls out :)

On macOS, if you have issues launching, please check the instructions contained in the README.txt or download the game on steam

If you read this, I guarantee you'll be an absolute god at this game :)

wasd/arrow keys — move
mouse — aim
left click — use weapon

num keys/scrollwheel — change weapon
r — reload

advanced movement
shift — sprint
space — jump/climb
control — fall to the ground

tab — show leaderboard

game tips:
health mechanics
○ you gain back 40hp with every kill
○ you get a 3.5s invincibility every time you respawn— use this to rush your opponents

moving around better
○ sprint & jump to move really fast
○ you can climb anything by holding space
○ hold control to fall to the ground quickly if you jump into danger

○ for some weapons like the frenzy or ak, firing in bursts will improve your accuracy
○ jumping on an exploding orange will launch you in the air


if you enjoy the game, check out our discord for sneak peeks, polls, and more!

anyways, have fun :)


Windows 0.6.0_b.zip 45 MB
macOS 0.6.0_b.zip 56 MB
Linux 0.6.0_b.zip 69 MB

Development log


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ty :)

I had a problem when installing it spoke if not safe

what do you mean?

sometimes antiviruses might block it because it connects to the internet if that's what you're talking about :)

if you're having that issue, you should try the steam build

pretty fun but campers are so annoying and ruin the fun

you can use explosives through walls if they are in buildings & also its good to abuse the invincibility to rush campers :)

i'll be adding smokes next patch, so that'll also make camping harder

Also Excited for new guns/melee too because I wanna pump,beam and slash people in game


Just got the game and I'm excited to see this game develop even further because I love playing this game :)

I played for a little bit (Look in description) all that was there was the 2 guns and a guy named "bdf" LMAO

love the video! xD

btw theres an armoury where u can try out other guns :)

An armoury? I'll have to give it another go then LMA

great game but theres barely anyone ever online

Using corners to grenade jump = turning into an airstrike unit

i agree xD

also i was also that 'unnamed' guy  who said something along the lines of "orange only"

thanks for changing the launcher firerate!


hi, i have a new complaint. launcher is very, very broken and overpowered at the moment in my opinion. i went in and not only did i dominate the lobby with launcher/stratos, everyone else left due to how unfun it is to fight. maybe instead of having it be a weapon at all, make it a utility item like the orange where you can also grenade jump off of it? that way instead of having people stomp lobbies with a 6 shot instakill weapon with the only downside being they have to compensate for weapon drop, it's more of a utility that lets you gain a lot of height at the cost of not having a proper primary and having to rely on the two sidearms at the moment

I agree, the launcher is very very broken. It's way too overpowered and when combined with being launched into the stratosphere by orange, you turn into an airstrike unit.

I think the launcher should be reduced to a 2-3 shot, because of the fire rate it will give the enemy time to react

That's what I think though

although the explosion radius of the launcher is relatively small especially compared to the orange grenade, I see where you're coming from :)

right now the launcher is sort of a beginner weapon so that people who aren't as good at fps games can still stand a chance against more experienced players, though I'm trying to balance it being useful as a counter to ak while there still being a reason to use other weapons over it

maybe in a future build, I might further reduce its ammo so that it limits the number of kills you can get in one life

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Pretty Good Game (Because of the Beans) also can you add more weapons? Five Weapons seem too less (I just feel like I want more customization with loadouts) other then the weapons, it is a 10 out of 10.

thanks! this is the very first open beta build, so its still a work in progress :)

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Is It Possible Too Play This On Chrome

I think a browser build can happen but running on Chrome OS is a different story.

i've experimented with web builds, though due to hardware limitations, the game takes like 10 minutes to load :(

I only have ONE ☝🏽 problem with the game, the players are BEANS idk why you changed it, I really liked the old player models

Deleted 8 days ago

personally, i find the beans really funny, although i'll improve the model later on

good shooting but movement is choppy (i think that's the unity limitation). Servers are empty, i would like to see offline gameplay but from what i have seen its great game.


love your work :)


dang 42 MB not bad nie game

tyty :D

Great game it feels nice the controls are nice and the animation feels great. But I think the sound can be a little better (gun reload). 9.5/10.😁

Hiiii :D, as I told you when we were playing I've prepared a video and a short feedback text that I hope you find useful :D

-The main concept of the game works great and could be made bigger by adding one or two more game modes like "capture the flag", "team deathmatch", etc.

-Visually the game is pretty beany hahaha, but being serious it look great :D

-The way you can change your loadout at the menu is pretty strange as I didn't knew I had to press any number to change the weapons, it could be easily fixed by adding an small guide about it ingame.

-The chat works great, buuuuut I've found that sometimes if you are writing and you pres A/W/S/D the player stills being able to move.

In conclusion, the idea is great and I hope you keep working on it. Hopefully this is useful for the development :D, also if you could subscribe that would help me a lot :)


ty so much for the video! the game is pretty early atm, though more gamemodes like team deathmatch are DEFINITELY coming soon :)

i'll also add arrow buttons to the armoury xD

hahaha XD you are welcome :) good luck with the further development of the game :D

Great game!

thanks :)

its a really great game so far and i love the among us easter egg in the dune map but on of the things that bug me a little is that there is no option for me to exit the game within the application itself, i have to press the windows key and close it myself which didnt take too long to figure out. i don6y know if this is something that only i experienced or that its a thing you havent added because ive not seen any comment talking about this so i hope you fix it soon :)


thanks for the feedback :D

please add your game on Linux platform 

i can add linux for next build :)

Ok, thanks 



a linux build is out :)


YEEEEEEEES, thanks i go to download ^^ 

Hey, really awesome start. I'm loving just jumping around doing aerial combat, would be interested to see more gameplay around that.

Did notice the running animation while jumping made me feeling like I was going to the left (even though I don't think I was), just positioning of the arms I think. 

Also found the spawn in noise was a little OP, I was able to practically run straight to where other players spawned.

ty for the feedback, ill look into that

hey, game's pretty neat! i have a couple qualms with it atm though; the big one is that the arsenal menu works strangely, instead of using arrows or a drop down menu it uses number keys to select weapons? strange decision, but regardless, i give this a good/10

thanks for the feedback, i'll definitely improve the armoury later on :)


chad game

tyty <3

Good game, but the guns take up a lot of the screen, especially when reloading.

yeah i can adjust that :)

"menu" button doesnt working on windows when i in game click "esc" and this button "menu"

that's odd, could you please send a screenshot/possibly a video?


Good game. But in the end the opponent disappeared and did not return to normal. Is that a bug?


Mac's a little broken I think

the macOS build works fine for me, but out of curiosity, are you playing on one of the new macs with the m1 chips? :)

i have the same problem and yes i am

that's why you should use windows ......................jk bad joke

the m1 chip is based off a different architecture (am4 instead of x86) so I need to include 2 builds in one for it to work properly. i can do that next build so stay tuned :)

just released a fixed mac build :)