Paint Warfare 0.6.0_b (1/2) is Out!

The key focus for 0.6.0 was to add some of your suggestions and make it easier for newer players to take full advantage of all the content Paint Warfare has to offer. If you'd like to skip down to the changelog, just scroll past the italic text, but if you're interested in the process behind developing Paint Warfare, just keep reading :)

One thing you guys really wanted to see in the game was some kind of sniper, which has been added in this build. Unlike most games, the sniper retains full accuracy while not scoped, as the difficulty tracking fast-moving enemies puts people using snipers at somewhat of a disadvantage already, further, I didn't want to discourage people with snipers from running after enemies (although that's only if you're super confident with your aim xD)

Also I noticed that a few people didn't realise that you could use more weapons than just the default ak and shotgun pistol— and that's not your fault! I'll admit that the way you selected weapons in the armoury was a little odd, and that's been patched with buttons that let you cycle weapons in the armoury. Also, I added commands for switching maps, in case you're getting bored of your current one :)


✦ major changes ✦

  • added a brand new weapon— the falcon is a single round sniper rifle that devastates enemies in a hit :)
  • added chat commands to respawn, swap maps and disable gui 
  • support for new macs and Linux 
  • polish to the  armoury

✦ balance ✦

  • buffs to the accuracy and damage of the frenzy
  • slight nerfs to the launcher fire rate

✦ polish & bugfix ✦

  • updated the backend networking to fix the invisibility bug (however, this means that this build will not be backwards compatible)
  •  added a subtle particle when you kill people 
  • fixed a bug that caused nicknames to not be filtered for profanity 
  • updated the profanity filter to include some more words 
  • added more join messages, including ones for the dev! 
  • added a sub-bass to some sfx for all you fancy headphone people 
  • fixed a bug that caused you to only heal and gain points after the 2nd kill 
  • people who are afk are now automatically kicked 
  • made my name yellow (coloured names for testers and translators coming soon..)


Windows 45 MB
4 days ago
macOS 56 MB
4 days ago
Linux 69 MB
4 days ago

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